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PT Organic Coatings

The surface treatment industry is not only directly related to the galvanic sector but an important role is also offered by a number of technologies that, even if they don't coat the materials with other metals, still in any case use other techniques and other chemicals to impart functional and also ...weiterlesen

HFC Wear-Resistant Treatments

Functional coatings as such have the characteristic whereby properties different from the nature of the object to be metallised are conferred to its surface but which are able to satisfy the parameters required by the specific application and as such the product is able to be placed in "function". In ...weiterlesen

Anti-corrosive CRP systems

The problem of corrosion of metallic materials drove the galvanic industry towards researching chemical processes that were increasingly effective and highly technical that would enable the creation of a dedicated and specific area. The concept involves technologies that use optimised and formulated ...weiterlesen

Decorative Deco Deposits

The electroplating industry was primarily conceived to lay a layer of a metal or alloy on the surface of another metal to impart different properties not only from a technical point of view but also aesthetically so that during the early years of industrialisation there would be "plating" rather than ...weiterlesen

Superfinishes/Preparation of SPT Surface

Galvanisation is a science that has distant origins and in the course of its evolution has become a system that concentrates a great deal of work into the preparation of the metal surfaces even before the finishing process begins and in fact this aspect is responsible for 80% of the success of the entire ...weiterlesen

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