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Lemmen, Walter

Logo Lemmen, Walter

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Walter Lemmen GmbH

Birkenstr. 13
97892 Kreuzwertheim
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Fax: +49 9342 21156


Ms. Dipl. Betriebswirtin (FH) Tanja Lemmen
Management Marketing and Sales
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Phone: +49 9342 7851
Fax: +49 9342 21156
Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Walter Lemmen
Managing Director
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Phone: +49 9342 7851
Fax: +49 9342 2 11 56
Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Lemmen
Managing Director
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Phone: +49 9342 7851
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Type of company

Year founded

No. of employees
11-50 (Status: 2016)

Annual turnover
between 1M and 10M EUR (Status: 2016)

Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Walter Lemmen
Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Lemmen
Ms. Dipl.-Betrw. (FH) Tanja Lemmen

Company profile

Manufacturing of electroplating and electroless plating rack and barrel treatment units for decorative and functional surfaces:

- Electroplating units manual or semi-automatic
- Table units and single tanks
- Pre-treatment and cleaning units
- Electropolishing units
- Anodizing units for titanium and aluminium
- Stripper units

Recycling and Wastewater Technology:
- Metal recovery units
- Wastewater-treatment units
- Filter systems

Tank construction and building (plastic)

Manufacturing of units and equipment for the production of printed circuit boards, Multilayer, LTCC ceramic substrates for prototypes and small series production:

- Spraydeveloper, sprayetcher, spraystripper units
- PTH units (Through-hole-plating)
- Surface finishing
- Exposure Unit
- UV exposure units
- UV- LDI direct imaging systems
- Laminators
- Brushing machines
- CNC drilling and routing machines
- Multilayer press

Engineering and services for electroplating, PCB and filter technology



Electroplating unit with handling system

Semi automatic electroplating unit for decorative and functional surfaces, including handling system and touch screen. The handling system moves the carrier in the x and z directions. Depending on the process sequence the carrier is transported from tank to more

Plating units for all kind of surfaces

Small plating units (barrel and rack treatment) for all kind of surfaces. For prototypes and small more

Sprayetcher - Rinsing - Spraydeveloper

Sprayetcher - Rinsing - Spraydeveloper for PCB`s, LTCC, ceramics, stainless steel and non-ferrous heavy metal and more

Plating tanks

Standard electroplating tanks and rinsing tanks (table units) The tanks are made of natural polypropylene. The tanks are available in different sizes with capacities of 10 l, 20 l and 50 l. The standard tank can be used as a normal rinsing tank or as a pickling tank. The standard tank can be converted more

Metal recovery system

Metal Recovery Modules for precious metals This module is designed for the economical recovery of various metals as well as base material from rinse waters and concentrates, for example: gold, silver, palladium, platin etc. both economically and environmentally safe. The TG-MR's optimum efficiency more

exposure units

The double-sided drawer-type units AKTINA for exposure of coatings sensitive to ultraviolet light is equipped with a vacuum contact system. Working surface: 300 x 400 or 300 x 550 or 400 x 550 mm. An instantaneous electronic starting ensures an absolutely uniform lightning of all lamps. An uniform illumination more

Waste water treatment

Waste Water Treatment Unit IONEX Continuous recycling and reuse of rinsing and waste water from rinsing tanks for gold, silver, rhodium, and palladium. The waste water is collected in the tank and flows through a filter, ion exchanger columns and neutralisation column. After treatment the concentration more

Stripping unit_metal recovery system

Stripping unit with metal recovery systemread more

Pickling-unit for surface finishing

Compact PP-Pickling unit for surface finishing. Equipment: Pickling tank with heating element, rinsing tank, suction head with ventilator, basket, more

Direct-Imaging-System UV-P50 LDI

The Direct-Imaging-System UV-P50 with UV-LDI direct-imaging-technology is a new and innovative system for exposing PCBs. The Direct-Imaging-System UV-P50 works with a special LDI exposure system and achieve fast exposure time. High economic life, low service costs, no mask adjustment, illumination more

Brushing Machine

The ideally compact unit RBM 300/ 400 is designed for industry, laboratories and other fields of PCB production. The RBM allows brushing, rinsing and drying in one unit. Different models are available with 300 or 400 mm working width, double or single side working, benchtop or stand models as well as more


The modern dry film laminators RLM is used for the processing of all commercial photolaminates for printed circuit board manufacturer and mould-etching technique. The laminator (working width 400 mm) is the ideal outfit for small and medium-size operations in industry, schools, pcb laboratories more

Conveyorized drying ovens

Conveyorized drying oven and universal ovens for temperature control in science, research and material tests in industry. The AIR 2000 is our continuous drying appliance for the production of printed circuit boards. The machine fills the gap between the wet process and the following dry process, e.g. more

Elektropolieranlagen für Edelstahl

Elektropolieren von Edelstahl oder Titanread more

Anodisieren - Färben von Titan

Anlagen und Wannensysteme zum Färben von Reintitan und Titanlegierungen, die nach einer speziellen Vorbehandlung mit Titan-Color-Färbeelektroyten, anodisch oxidiert und dekorativ eingefärbt werden. Die künstlich erzeugte Oxidschicht kann durch Veränderungen der Spannung in einer Vielzahl unterschiedlicher more

Eloxieren von Aluminium

Kundenspezifisch angepasste Anlagen und Wannensysteme zum Eloxieren von Aluminium mit integrierter Vorbehandlung, alkalisch Beizen, Neutralisieren, Eloxieren, Färben und more

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