SurfaceTechnology GERMANY, 16 - 18 June 2020
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After Show

Exhibitor statements

Approximately 300 exhibitors and more than 6,500 trade visitors attend SurfaceTechnology Germany 2018.


Georg Harnau, Head of Marketing, Walther Trowal GmbH & Co. KG:

"For us, the fair was a big success in two respects. On the one hand, we spoke with many new interested parties. On the other, we presented two different product categories for the first time at a trade fair: Vibratory finishing technology and small parts coating. And the interest was equally high in both categories. The percentage of potential new customers ran at around 60%. Many of the interested parties came from the surrounding region, but we also had quite a few international ones. For some of our sales colleagues, it’s definitely worth learning Italian."

Frank Breidenbach, Key Account Manager for Global Sales, Dörken MKS-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG:

"For us, SurfaceTechnology GERMANY is primarily a networking event. That is why, for the first time, we didn’t focus on products, but instead offered our customers seminars on the subject of corrosion and corrosion protection. Overall, our Corrosion College was very well received, but it is still new and therefore needs a bit of development."

Thomas Haberfellner, Head of Domestic Service and Sales, Schlötter:

"Our conclusion is: two thumbs up! We had a lot of visitors at the stand, and a lot of good discussions. Wednesday, in particular, was a whirlwind day for us. We had visits from existing customers, new customers and suppliers here. At least a third of our visitors came from abroad – for example, from Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Japan, Sweden and the UK. The file in which we enter all the important leads is filling up well. The renamed SurfaceTechnology GERMANY is and will remain our go-to exhibition."

Petra Schlachter, Public Relations, Harter GmbH:

"We had two fantastic days on Tuesday and Wednesday. The mix of customers and new leads was excellent. We were pleasantly surprised at the large number of trade visitors from non-German-speaking countries. Many came from Southeast Asia, in some cases with very specific concerns. This may be a consequence of rebranding the show as ‘SurfaceTechnology GERMANY'."

Jochen Fezer, Business Unit Director, TIB Chemicals AG:

"Surface technology is a small world, and that’s why you have to be here. This trade fair is a family gathering for the surface treatment network. Here you can meet the known players, but there are also many new customer leads here as well. Overall we experienced good visitor traffic."

Björn Laskowski, Sales Director, Auer Strahltechnik:

"For us, the show went better than expected. We feel much more at home exhibiting under the new name, SurfaceTechnology GERMANY. Here we were able to meet up with leads and existing customers from the automotive and plant engineering sectors who are strongly represented here in southern Germany."

Andreas Mühle, General Manager, Coventya GmbH:

"The move to Hall 1 worked out well. Visitor-wise, things started off a bit sluggish, but day two was definitely very good. An important aspect of this event involves networking. The industry comes together here. From our point of view, the percentage of international visitors has gone up slightly. We had many discussions with Italians, but also with Asian customers from India and China."

Benjamin Diener, Sales Director, SurTec Deutschland GmbH:

"This was an excellent fair for us, with numerous talks with customers. We were represented here by a staff of 11 people and everybody was busy all the time. Our industry is not all that big, so this fair is always a bit like a class reunion. However, the added value also adds up. Here we are able to hold highly promising talks with our customers and really get down to detail on projects we are pursuing."

Paul van Ham, Managing Partner, Hender Pompen BV:

"SurfaceTechnology GERMANY is the world's most important technology fair for the surface treatment sector. That's why we brought our global sales staff here. Overall, we notice that our customers are looking for exactly the kind of things we have to offer: a robust and reliable product that also saves energy. Sustainability is a key concern."

Frank Munk, General Manager, Munk GmbH:

"This trade fair definitely exceeded our expectations. Here at the location surface technology is really lived. Therefore, there is nowhere else such a high quality of conversations. The visitors show great interest in information and plan future orders. I took a critical look at the name change to SurfaceTechnology GERMANY before, but now my appraisal is positive: The new name has obviously attracted even more new customers from abroad, for example from India, China, Taiwan and even Mexico."

Sandra Theis, Senior Sales Executive, KraftPowercon Sweden AB:

"In my opinion, SurfaceTechnology in Stuttgart is the most important trade fair in the field of surface technology. As always, the quality of visitors in 2018 was good. The somewhat lower visitor traffic we experienced might have something to do with the fact that parts2clean no longer takes place in parallel, or that the industry is simply doing so well at the moment that there was no time to attend the fair."

Matthias Böhland, Product Marketing Microscopy, Keyence Deutschland GmbH:

"The last O&S was already good, and we were also very satisfied with HANNOVER MESSE – so our expectations for SurfaceTechnology GERMANY were correspondingly high. But our expectations have been met. We were able to conduct discussions with our customers here with a high number of hits. Quality and quantity were very good. We noticed that interest in research and development and quality analysis of surfaces was very high."

Ludger Fuchs, Geschäftsleiter Deutschland, NOF Metal Coatings Europe S.A.:

"The new name is good for the show. Now even visitors to the co-located shows can grasp what it’s all about. In the future, it will be exciting to see how the ‘Surface’ brand will work to attract additional technologies and visitor groups, apart from the regular customers."

Günter Kayan, Prokurist, Forplan AG:

"We are very satisfied with every aspect of the event. We had excellent discussions with a large number of visitors. We were able to impress our customer base with a new plant, and also succeeded in attracting new business. Overall, our appearance here met with strong interest."