SurfaceTechnology GERMANY, 21 - 23 Juni 2022
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The countdown for the trade fair in Stuttgart is running...

... and in a few weeks' time the electroplating trade fair Surface Technology Germany will start in Stuttgart. This year we are again offering a wide range of innovative DC concepts.

18 May. 2018
Munk GmbH

Based on the well-known high-current modules from the PSP Family series, you can obtain even more flexible and individual water-cooled or air-cooled solutions in a solid, efficient design. In addition, under the heading Industry 4.0, we will present interesting operating and information variants.

At our booth D27/9 in hall 1 we offer you the following novelties:

  • PSP Tower - Build your own on site
  • PSP 2540 / PSP 5080 - The most compact 2500 and 5000 A rectifiers, water-cooled
  • PowerCabinet - Multi output rectifier
  • PSP Box, the new compact device in 19 "modular design

The highly flexible PSP Tower

The air-cooled, modular 19 "-concept is quickly and versatilely mounted on site, up to 7.500A output current as single current solution are easy to realize.

In a remarkable colour combination, the PSP Tower is the modular variant, which offers universal upgrade possibilities with its sophisticated self-supporting housing construction. Since the launch of the PSP Tower in 2017 it has been established in many companies and can also be combined with all standard control variants.

PSP 2540 and PSP 5080

The PSP 2540 and PSP 5080 power packs offer high packing density and individual installation options in a very confined space.

In the category water-cooled compact class, PSP 2540 and PSP 5080 set absolute standards. With 2 x 170 kg and a footprint of 0.48 m2, up to 5000 A can easily be achieved. There is a system-compliant booster unit for optimising the water cooling circuit, which prevents condensation and promotes a long service life.

The novel multi-output idea in the age of industry 4.0

The multi-output rectifier (< 1,500 mm) is featured with up to 6 individually adjustable outputs and allows up to 6 x 1500 A or 3 x 3000 A outputs depending on customer requirements.

Acting like a DC distribution centre the Power Cabinet only requires one AC input and one control connection to serve 6 plating tanks independently from each other. Convenient WIFI operation, e. g. via industrial tablets, is possible without any problems.

Compact units PSP Box

The latest group of compact mobile devices is called PSP Box.

High performance with currents up to 1500 A, as mobile compact unit with state-of-the-art interface options

Come to Surface Technology Germany in Stuttgart. Take a look around and let us advise you in detail. Our experts are looking forward to seeing you!

Munk at SurfaceTechnology Germany

At SurfaceTechnology Germany 2018 you could visit Munk on-site and learn more about the latest products and services. more