SurfaceTechnology GERMANY, 16 - 18 June 2020
SurfaceTechnology GERMANY

Reasons for exhibiting

The market for surface treatments, coatings and finishes continues to grow. Your prospects for future business in key sectors – especially automotive, mechanical and plant engineering – are excellent.

At SurfaceTechnology GERMANY you’ll reach your target groups directly.


Many of the leading companies in industrial surface treatment are based in southern Germany and the neighbouring countries. By exhibiting here you will be geographically close to your customers – and you can benefit from the show’s broad coverage. As an interdisciplinary platform for industry, SurfaceTechnology GERMANY and its companion show in alternate years, Surface Technology, offer you and your potential customers a comprehensive program covering all aspects of surface treatment and finishing.

This is why the entire industry meets up in Stuttgart once every two years. It is the time when the key contracts for the coming year are placed, when long-term cooperation agreements are signed, and when lucrative projects are kick-started. So one thing is very clear: you just can’t afford not to be there!

How you benefit as an exhibitor

All materials – all techniques
Metals, plastics, wood, glass, ceramics: SurfaceTechnology GERMANY generates unique synergies thanks to the integrated presentation of coating techniques for almost all types of material.

All sectors – all processes
Only SurfaceTechnology GERMANY highlights the surface treatment and coating process in all its breadthand diversity.

All customer groups – all opportunities
Visitors from mechanical, electrical and plant engineering, the automotive industry, metalworking, the component supply sector and the skilled trades will be interested in your products.

All the potential at a single venue
Taking place over a period of three days and covering an area of 17,000 m², SurfaceTechnology GERMANY is an excellent place to make new contacts, initiate joint ventures and open up new markets.


Impressive figures

  • 98 % of the visitors are industry professionals
  • 96 % of the visitors recommend SurfaceTechnology to third parties
  • 86 % of the visitors are involved in investemen decisions
  • 75 % of the visitors are looking for new partners and / or solutions
  • 57 % are first-time visitors
  • 24 % of the visitors come from abroad

By deciding to exhibit at SurfaceTechnology GERMANY you’ll secure your place at the top meeting-place for industry decision-makers. This is a great opportunity to fly the flag for your business – and you’ll have our support.

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