SurfaceTechnology GERMANY, 21 - 23 Juni 2022
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The visitor structure

A unique mix of visitors

High-calibre visitors increase your chances for doing business. At SurfaceTechnology GERMANY you’ll meet visiting professionals who can make the all-important buying decisions, and who come to the show with firm investment plans in mind. So you couldn’t find a better place to develop new sales leads.

An enthusiastic international trade public

  • 21 % of the visitors to O&S 2016 came from abroad – more than 50 % from Switzerland, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and France.
  • 93 % of the visitors say they definitely plan to return or are at least thinking about it
  • 98 % of the exhibitors were impressed by the professional qualifications of the visiting trade public

High proportion of committed buyers

  • 84 % of the visitors are involved in investment decisions in their companies.
  • 81 % of the visitors to O&S 2016 came with firm investment/purchasing intentions.

Impressive figures

  • O&S gets an above-average approval rating from trade visitors
  • 98 % of the visitors in 2016 would actively recommend O&S to others.
  • The same percentage of visitors would come back next time.

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