SurfaceTechnology GERMANY, 16 - 18 June 2020

CarboJet 300


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Exhibitor details
Exhibitor details
Logo CarboJet  300
Logo CarboJet  300
Logo CarboJet  300

Product description

Efflorescence of Carbonate, Sulfate and Chloride
Cyanide zinc, Cyanide cooper, Cyanide brass, Cyanide cadmium, Cyanide bronze,Cyanide silver, Cyanide tin, Alk. Zinc, Alk. Copper, Zinc-Nickel, Zinc-ferrous, Pickling vats, Acid-cooper, Others application
CarboJet brings efficient, cost-effective efflorescence of electrolytes and liquors in electrical and hot-dip galvanizing, metal hardening and other industrial operations. This sensational new Leutwyler development separates waste products from a wide variety of industrial electrolytes and liquors.
Without affecting production, a small quantity of electrolyte is taken continuously from the bath and cooled down to a precisely defined temperature. The resultant crystals are the filtered off and the purified liquor returned automatically to the bath. Afterwards the waste material is easily disposed of in the solid form.

Hall 1, Stand D38

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