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Kanigen® Electroless Nickel

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Exhibitor details
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Product description

Kanigen® Nickel is a technical coating, composed of Nickel (Ni) and phosphor (P: wt%= 9 to 12%). This plating is applied using a chemical (electroless) process.

The Kanigen® process is an autocatalytic redox-reaction in which nickel ions, in the presence of phosphor compounds, are transferred into a metallic nckkel-phosphormatrix, that is deposited onto the piece. This way an electroless nickel layer is built with an accuracy of the layer thickness of 1 µm.

The electroless nature of the process results in a very uniform layer thickness and an even thickness throughout the piece. As a result, very complex pieces can be finished immediately on the correct dimensions, rendering mechanical work after plating superfluous. Process temperatures are low enough to exlude deformation of the piece. This is also the case during the tempering of the Kanigen® nickel plating.

Both our process and quality lab have up to date equipment to ensure adequate process control and verification of the quality of the deposited electroless nickel plating.

Most common plated materials are : construction steel, cast iron, alloyed steel, aluminium, copper, brass, bronze and their alloys.

Due to the phosphor in the electroless nickel deposit, Kanigen® nickel offers interesting technical properties such as :

* high corrosion protection
* high wear-resistance
* high hardness
* low friction coefficientr (prevents cold-weld)
* good base layer for soldering
* other properties : good elongation, high adhesion, amorphous layer (interesting for vacuum applications), ductility, good heat resistance ... .

Applying Kanigen® nickel on a piece can result in a considerable cost reduction by on one hand the use of lesser noble materials and on the other hand by resulting in a longer life-time of the piece.

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