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SOL GEL COATINGS ceramic based

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EasySOL: a method to obtain an hydrophobic surface. Thickness < 3 micron
SOL-TEK: a method to obtain an hydrophilic surface.
Antibacterial Sol-gel: its behaviour is due to to release of silver ions by the coated support. The killing of bacterial load is greater than 98%.

Th.Ec. SOL 2.0: non stick coating at competitive costs. Applications on fryers, grills,thermoblock, industrial mold...
Th.Ec. SOL Fire: recommended on surfaces where it is necessary to have maximum resistance to heat and flame ( burners, accessories for pyrolytic ovens...)
Th.Ec, SOL 2.0 Plus: non-stick coating with high aesthetic requirements (design, professional pans...)

Th.Ec. SOL coatings are suitable for use in contact with food.

All of them are PTFE free, withstand scratches and abrasions, have excellent non stick properties, are chemically inert, they transfer heat better than traditional PTFE coatings, are nanostructured,are being made up principally of silica, are ecocompatible. Colours: pastel, metal effect, metalized, semigloss or matt, on demand.

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