Only with non-contact coating thickness measurement is it possible to automate the process. Thus the customer has the possibility to check 100% of his process/coatings with always the same quality, to understand and improve the processes, to save material as well as to establish a closed-loop process.

The device can be used on all substrates, e.g. metal, plastic, rubber, glass, ceramic, fibre composite, ... and coatings. An eye-safe LED is used for excitation, which is why no safety measures would be necessary as with the use of lasers or flash lamps. In addition, a precision of < 0.5 µm is achieved due to a special evaluation technique. The combination of these factors is unique and the unique selling point of the CoatPro.

Short and to the point, the advantages of the CoatPro:

  • -Measurement of coating thickness on virtually all substrate/coating combinations.
  • 100% control of the coated parts
  • Immediate detection of deviations in the process (e.g. clogged or washed-out nozzles)
  • Direct action Securing the value chain
  • Optimisation of parameters (e.g. reduction of coating thickness) Saving of paint
  • Avoidance of rejects Savings in plant costs
  • Increase in process speed
  • Saving of manual controls
  • Assurance of delivered quality to the customer
  • Documentation
  • Confidence in OEMs
  • Depending on the application: ROI already in the first year