Hannover, Germany. What new coating technologies are available and how can they reduce a company’s carbon footprint? What properties do these processes have? How far has the establishment of Industry 4.0 progressed in the field of surface technology and how is the legal framework (keyword REACh) currently affecting surface technology? And what is new in the area of supply chain legislation and technical regulations? Experts from research and industry will be addressing questions like these at the SurfaceTechnology GERMANY Expert Forum from 21 to 23 June 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany. Companies and institutions wishing to share their expertise have until 7 March to submit a presentation topic. All presentations will be broadcast live during the event on the SurfaceTechnology GERMANY website – a new first. Surface technology users should be sure to save the date in their calendars.

"For companies looking for new, more efficient solutions for their coatings, this Expert Forum is an important point of contact," says Hendrik Engelking, Global Director of SurfaceTechnology GERMANY at Deutsche Messe. He adds: "This is because our Expert Forum addresses not just a subsector of surface technology, but the entire scope of the industry – from electroplating to plant and equipment as well as measuring and control technology. In particular, we are focusing on end customers such as design engineers, who will be able to discover entirely new, even unexpected options at the Expert Forum."

The Expert Forum at the international trade fair for surface technology is an established format. Presenters can choose between a twenty-minute, technically-oriented talk or a ten-minute product presentation. Experts from leading companies will be featured, as will prominent research specialists. In addition to imparting knowledge, this forum is about networking and sharing experiences. The topics consist of energy and material efficiency; lightweight construction and surface technology; new processes in electroplating; physical surface treatment processes – PVD/CVD; thermal spraying, mechanical plating and related technologies; REACh in surface technology – the status of authorization and substitution; future topics in the field of surface technology; applications for treated surfaces; the role of Industry 4.0 in surface technology; systems, devices and processes for surface treatment; technical rules and regulations in surface technology (BREV, supply chain regulation, ...); and cleaning and pre-treatment.

The Expert Forum is organized by WOTech GbR, with support from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) and the Air Handling Technology Association within the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). For information on submitting a presentation topic, contact Mr. Herbert Käszmann (WOTech GbR) – tel: +49 151 2910 9892, e-mail: kaeszmann@wotech-technical-media.de.