A fundamental highlight is the freezing out after A - hours as well as the saving of Co2. This can be done with every batch. From this we have forced the "CO2 neutral" icon to make freezing out even more economical. For companies that want to have a green footprint or are even in possession of the requirements to save Co2 in their company, this is now realisable with the Carbolux 50.

Those who choose Carbolux 50 benefit from several advantages: Consistent quality and thus satisfied customers, easy handling, bath cooling, extended service life, no production downtimes, lower electricity costs, regular layer thickness distribution and low maintenance. With the Carbolux 50, operating costs are reduced overall and energy efficiency is improved.

The following points should be considered for the payback period: Chemistry, gloss additives, disposal, personnel, energy, downtime or shutdown costs. Suspension maintenance with residual energy savings is also new as standard on the new generation type: Carbolux 50.