The digital microscope VHX-6000 has a variety of new functions, such as the multi-lighting function. Thanks to this new function, objects can now be viewed from different illumination views - independent of the user. Just by the push of a button all necessary lighting options will be stored in one single image. If a different type of illumination is desired in order to visualize other features, there is no need to capture a new image. Because the lighting can easily be adjusted even after the image was captured - and thanks to the license-free software - it can be adjusted on any computer. Therefore this function helps to work efficiently. Numerous lighting techniques such as brightfield and darkfield, transmitted light, polarizing light and differential interference observations complete the system. For example, the dual zoom lens VH-ZST, which has a magnification range of 20x - 2000x, supports the KEYENCE mix lighting, which combines brightfield and darkfield.

In general, KEYENCE understands the importance of optics in microscopy and is dedicated to developing high-quality lenses. The result of their many years of experience are the high-resolution RZ lenses with which detailed analyzes down to the sub-micrometer range can be carried out. These lenses are designed to be compatible with previous models as well as future models. In addition, there are some new measurement and analysis functions, such as technical cleanliness/ foreign body analysis, which is based on ISO standard 16232 and VDA 19. For the foreign body analysis the image is divided into several regions after the total measuring range has been detected and then each region is analyzed individually. In addition, the latest software offers fast and automatic area measurements and counts as well as grain size analyzes, which is based on ASTM E1382 standard and DIN EN ISO 643.

There are also significant improvements regarding the real-time depth composition. So you can automatically and quickly get a depth composition - just by the push of a button. Even when the XYZ- directions are displaced, a depth-sharpness is always present in the live image. The user of the microscope only has to move with the joystick to the respective area he wants to see. The VHX-6000 then automatically scans through the focal range of a sample, recognizes which areas are in focus and builds a fully-focused image. This is done within a few seconds - a function that is time-saving and user-friendly. This gives the user the advantage of being able to inspect the entire field of view at a glance. This is made possible by the high-sensitivity, high-speed CMOS camera, which has a frame rate of 50 frames per second.

All components - lenses, camera, graphics system and object table - are KEYENCE's own developments and designed as a complete system. This not only ensures maximum performance, but also an optimal interplay between real-time depth composition, resolution and brightness. In addition, the motor-driven XY stage now has a wider range and a higher load capacity. Plus the stage can now move much faster. The new VHX-6000 digital microscope is distinguished by its high user- friendliness, its speed and its repeatability. Thanks to optimized lighting and focusing, comprehensive observations and analyzes can be realized with only one system.