In different tribological systems, friction-reducing (WiBO-GLIDE®) or friction-increasing (WiBO-GRIP®) properties can be achieved. Among other things, squeaking and creaking noises, tribocorrosion, especially with stainless steel connections, stick/slip effects are avoided and lifetime lubrication reduces wear with WiBO-GLIDE® surfaces. At the same time, no dirt particles adhere to the surface, which means less cleaning. Of great importance in terms of e-mobility is the high dielectric strength through the application of a WiBO-PROTECT® coating.

New here are the high dielectric strength and insulating protective effect of 50V/µm and/or high temperature resistance.

An advantage of our functional coatings is the low use of mineral lubricants, dry-running protection, energy efficiency due to a higher degree of efficiency. There is a protective effect due to electrical insulation and less cleaning effort due to the non-stick effect. You can also benefit from friction-locked connections.

Insulating surfaces in particular can be used in many areas of e-mobility. By reducing friction, various aggregates can be dimensioned smaller and more effectively, with a high degree of efficiency.

All systems are self-developed and water-based, which is of great importance with regard to our ecological responsibility. Single and bulk part coatings as barrels or racks are possible. Manual and automated manufacturing technologies are also available.