Developing products according to customer requirements, bringing them to series maturity and producing them in small to large series - Biconex offers all this.

What are the main advantages:

  • Compared to aluminium, approx. 50% weight saving
  • approx. 65% higher surface conductivity, high-gloss surfaces and geometric details (e.g. threads) without post-processing
  • Compared to ABS, a temperature stability that is at least 180°C higher
  • It is also important to mention:

  • Completely chromium (VI)-free processes
  • Metal layers of more than 10µm on engineering plastics
  • The application potential for metal-coated plastics is very diverse. Examples include high-frequency components, so-called waveguide antennas, which are needed for the next generation of driver assistance systems and autonomous driving. Plugs for electromobility can thus be made smaller and electromagnetic radiation in a very wide frequency range can be better shielded than before. With the metal surfaces, however, the sliding and abrasion properties of plastic components can also be significantly improved. Threads thus become more stable without having to forego the advantage of low weight and complex geometry of the entire component.