From goods receipt to delivery, articles go through many work steps - with them production documents, inspection records and notes travel through the production process. For example some orders are entered digitally, then production papers are printed out, supplemented with handwritten notes and these are later transcribed again. This back and forth is time-consuming and error-prone.

The apps address this problem and simplify documentation and exchange between individual departments. Each app fulfils exactly one task: from order entry in goods receiving to PDA feedback in production, documentation of article images to the creation of the loading list directly during loading.

The use of augmented reality (AR) to display plant data directly in production via the smartphone camera is cutting-edge.

Every app simplifies processes by capturing data where it occurs or displaying it exactly where it is needed. This saves time and walking distances - and therefore also money.

Being connected within one's own company plays a major role in industrial transformation. By continuously recording process data, it can be used and evaluated for data-based optimization, e.g. for resource efficiency or process safety. The digital availability of all data also improves transparency and the ability to provide customers with information about delivery dates.