A large variety of materials are suitable for the applications. With the laser-interference based technology platform xDLIP, SurFunction offers customers flexibility in cost-effective, contactless cross-scale structuring for product enhancement inspired by nature. This opens new possibilities and significant competitive advantages for the next generation of products in many segments.

Each market segment in which SurFunction is active has high innovation potential, especially with the newest technology platform expansion xDLIP. With DLIP, challenges that have existed for years, such as reducing the insertion force or reducing the contact resistance of electrical systems, can be overcome. Nevertheless, to be able to use DLIP in an even more versatile and efficient way, other complementary processes - from chemical nanotechnology to electroplating - are increasingly being combined with DLIP. This so-called xDLIP technology (extended Direct Laser Interference Patterning) is the latest cross-sectional technology in the field of surface functionalization. The xDLIP platform is available for many different production scenarios, from in-house enhancement of small to medium sized series in our Job Shop, to on-site installation of production machinery at the customer, either stand-alone or in-line.

xDLIP allows for the creation of previously unattainable surface functions at industrially relevant speeds on various materials.

Super-hydrophilic and super-hydrophobic surfaces can be achieved in both direct structuring and indirect transfer applications, as well as targeted optimizations of topography such as friction and wear control, adhesion optimization and laser activation/cleaning. Selected performance examples include reduction of friction by up to 80%, and wear by up to 99%, and increases in solar absorption by up to 35%.

Furthermore, electrical systems can benefit from reduced plug forces of up to 40%, and reduced contact resistance of up to 80%. In medical applications, xDLIP can reduce bacterial adhesion to surfaces by up to 80%.

Structured cell ingrowth and improved endothelialization are further vital enhancements in areas such as stent manufacturing and implants. For product protection, unique designs can be added to surface structures, which allow for batch-tracking and product identification via embedded data. When counterfeit protection is not strictly required, xDLIP structures provide a unique design aspect for premium products, with patterns ranging from matte-diffractive to color-diffractive available, for example for corporate logos or unique designs to provide products a further USP.

And this is just a small selection of the applications!

SurFunction’s mission is to harness the advanced functionalities of surfaces found in nature to sustainably enhance customer products, provide an active contribution to society, and create positive ecological change.

Almost two decades after inventing the technology, and after many successful feasibility studies, further development of compact optics, and proof of technical maturity apparent, the Creators of DLIP Prof. Frank Mücklich and Prof. Andrés Lasagni founded the deep-tech company SurFunction GmbH in 2020 as a spin-off from MECS. Via its exclusive network of suppliers and strategic partners, SurFunction can offer customers almost all aspects of the value chain from one single source. The invention of Prof. Frank Mücklich and Prof. Andrés Lasagni is a renowned industry standard for laser-based surface functionalization.