Hannover. What's new in surface coating technology? What capabilities do the latest processes have to offer? How can Industry 4.0 be applied to surface coating/treatment tasks, and how can maximum material and energy efficiency be achieved? Research scientists and industry experts will be exploring these questions and many more at an expert forum to be held at the SurfaceTechnology GERMANY show, which runs from 5 to 7 June in Stuttgart. With program planning for the SurfaceTechnology Forum now in full swing, industrial companies and research institutes with insights and ideas to share are invited to submit presentation topics. But they need to act swiftly, as the deadline for proposals is 21 February. Users of surface technology who are interested in attending are likewise urged to take action now and book the show dates into their calendars. SurfaceTechnology GERMANY is the new incarnation of the well-known O&S show. The organizers have rebranded the three-day event in order to position it more strongly as a broad-based showcase for all forms and stages of coating and surface treatment technology.

"The expert forum is a very attractive source of information and orientation for any company in search of surface treatment solutions," commented Olaf Daebler, Global Director SurfaceTechnology at Deutsche Messe. "The forum's agenda even covers and plant, equipment and measuring and control systems, and is designed to appeal not only to electroplating professionals, but also to surface treatment solution-seekers of every description, including end users and construction engineers. In short, the forum offers a wealth of input and inspiration for all concerned."

The SurfaceTechnology Forum (formerly the "O&S Forum") is a well-established format comprising lectures and presentations of about 20 minutes each. The speaker lineup includes experts from leading industrial firms and eminent scientists from research institutes. The focus of the forum is on knowledge transfer, sharing ideas and insights, and networking. The forum will address the following overall topics: Energy and material efficiency, lightweight construction and surface technology, new electroplating technologies, physical surface treatment technologies, application examples of treated surfaces, Industry 4.0 in surface technology, innovations and refinements in equipment, plant and processes, quality assurance and process optimization, and cleaning and pre-treatment. This last topic – cleaning and pre-treatment – is once again part of the scope of SurfaceTechnology GERMANY because the show is now no longer being co-staged with parts2clean.

The SurfaceTechnology Forum is organized by WOTech GbR with support from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (Fraunhofer IPA) and the Air-Handling Technology Association within the German Engineering Federation (VDMA).

To propose a topic for presentation at the SurfaceTechnology Forum 2018, please contact Herbert Käszmann at WOTech, +49 151 29109892, Mail.